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Saturday, January 14, 2023

Gia Civerolo



I remember the loud band screaming their song

I remember shouting my story though no was listening but you

I remember they lit the bar on fire

I remember the sheer black and white polka dot shirt I was wearing and the white mini skirt with fishnet house and combat boots

I remember you were wearing a 40’s paisley tie with a black shirt and black pants and your hair slicked back 50’s style with matching sideburns

I remember sitting on top of a cigarette vending machine with my legs crossed and a bird’s eye view

I remember you helping my friend who is not my friend anymore carry her drums placing them gently in the car

I remember the smoke-filled room with bodies dancing

I remember you were quick with a light and a smile

I remember our friends that were there

I remember my black cat eye liner was smeared in a punk rock way

I remember I had a crush on your friend who seemed like my type but even more shocking I was his type too (no one ever thinks they are someone else's type)

I remember we talked and talked even though I don’t remember what we said

I remember thinking you were a “nice” guy, but I don’t remember knowing then that you would be my forever….




I can’t find the

words to talk to you

I send secret messages

in a bottle

red lipstick sealed

beaten by ocean waves

foaming words

out of Aphrodite’s head


Walking by the sea

the day changes

the clouds mirror

the waves

The sun starts to set

taking on colors

painter wishes

they knew

Horizon stretching

going further than


Still, all I can do

is think of you

and me

like there is


else in between

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