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Friday, January 20, 2023

Wyatt Underwood


I don't think I shall ever see
a poem as wicked as your eyes
that danced and glanced and hypnotized
and seemed to look at fantasy 
nor song that moved like your hips did
and made your miniskirts a bid
to offer heaven alive on earth
while teasing my mind to think much worse
I never knew how much of that
was from my own too twisted soul
and how much your intent and goal
to revive eye of newt and wing of bat
in thoughts of men and boys around
focused on your every move and sound
and wishing they could dance with you
in whatever steps they cared nor knew
as long as they danced close to you
and closer still, then close as cloth
and dreamed of kisses and touches from you
that turned our iron world into froth

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