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Friday, January 20, 2023

Radomir Vojtech Luza

Sunset Blur

Hands rough as old rocks
Heart cold as a frozen sidewalk
Slippery as lice

Big butt
Short shorts

Large breasts
Low top

Who am I?
Who are you?
Can you be true?

Or am I a huge fool
Lost in the Tinseltown swirl
My L,A, girl

Born in Beverly Hills
All the skills and frills

She knows blow jobs
Not slow sobs

Betting on the material
Scaling the superficial

Climbing the ethereal
She took what I gave
Gave what I took
Like Captain Hook

Earning her living giving phone sez
Big fan of money and the fashion hex
I hated to love her next

Without Children

My art is my child
I keep telling myself
To be free

When in fact I missed
The most important moments in life to
Hard deadlines and forsaken suicides

I broke my sanity on bloody glass and
Windows black

Lost my 42 years of virginity to a L.A. Street urchin
Who hated her life but loved sex

Splattered my idealism on a Store and Factory
In a city where nothing shimmers or grooves

On an industry spread so far apart that my children
Would have no fingers for dark climbs
Into the mouth of every ego blind

Shining and shaking
Like a misbegotten dime

Tangerine Stew

No brunette parade
In the strawberry shade

No crimson raid
Magenta fade
This is pure love of self

Lenin was a visionary
Without eyeballs

Communism his wife
Death his life

The system has not worked
And never will

Eight million dead thanks to this Red
Scraping bloody skies
Bludgeoned thighs

Lenin is no saint or revolutionary
But a tragic off-ramp from the freeway of sanity

There is no Red Square
Russia without wear

Just a cold war
History's non-bloody bore

There is yet a sad river
Shallow and untrue

Flowing into the mouth of Lenin's South

Somewhere near Moscow blue


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